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Maintenance of the drive turbines (Gas or Steam) in good and operating condition to ensure continuous & un-interrupted power generation is essential; it becomes equally important take good care of the driven generators as well. In a bid to address this issue, we at KIES, are geared up to provide complete range of services for the generators.
        Inspection & Overhauling of generators:


  • Dismantling of Generator including Rotor withdrawal
  • Wedge deflection, condition check & Mapping
  • Stator & Rotor winding checks and repair
  • Basic Tests like IR, PI (Polarization Index) and Ohmic Resistance on Stator, Rotor & Exciter
  • Impedance Measurement
  • Bearing Insulation measurement
  • Bearings Inspection and clearances adjustment
  • NDT checks on Bearings, Fan blades and End rings
  • All standard jobs involved in overhauling     


                                                                                                                                     Perform Electrical tests like

 img generators2                   
  •     Measure Stator Polarization Index, winding insulation resistance
  •     Non Linear Insulation Behaviour analysis on Stator   
  •     Tan – Delta Test on Stator
  •     EL¬CID Test on Stator
  •     Partial Discharge analysis up to rated voltage on Stator
  •     Hi Pot Test on Rotor
  •     Rotor Impedance measurement
  •     Recurrent Surge Oscillography (RSO) on Rotor


   Perform Special jobs like

  •     Rotor End Ring replacement
  •     In-situ balancing of Generator rotor (Slow Speed balancing to address high vibration problem)
  •     Perform Residual Life Assessment (RLA) study

    Trouble-shooting of Generator problems