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Gas Turbines & Control systems 

In today's industry, Gas Turbine Engines are essential components for both Mechanical and Generator drive applications. While the population of generator drive engines has increased rapidly in Captive Power Plants, Electricity companies / Boards and Independent Power Plants etc., the population of compressor drive engines has also seen a steady growth in Fertilizers and Gas plants.

Generator drive gas turbines in power plants are being utilized either for regular supply of power or only to cater the peak demand. While Gas turbines in Co-generation and Combined cycle mode of operation of gas turbines is the most efficient configuration, Gas turbine power plants in Simple Cycle mode of configuration are not un-common. In countries like Saudi Arabia, more than 50% of the Gas turbines are operated in Simple cycle configuration even for continuous requirement of power due to shortage in water for producing steam in combined cycle mode.

Thus the continuous operation of these gas turbines becomes very critical and essential and therefore the regular and periodic maintenance of these machines as stipulated by OEMs is crucial.

Kenaniah Integrated Engineering Solutions (KIES) focuses at providing After Market Support services to Gas Turbine (of GE design) customers in Power Plants, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals & Refineries for both mechanical (Compressor drive) and Electrical (Generator Drive) applications.

KIES's profile of Field Engineering services covers Gas turbines of Frame sizes ranging from Fr-1 to Fr-9E and includes:

    OEM specified mandatory Inspection services like (Planned Shut Down Jobs)

We offer these Inspection services as per OEM stipulated gidelines either on Turn-key basis where in we provide technical supervisors as well as skilled and semi skilled manpower along with tools & tackles or on Supervisory basis, where we provide only the Techincal advisory services .


           img fs   



  • Bore-scope inspection
  • Combustion Inspection
  • Hot Gas Path Inspection
  • Major Inspection
  • Iinspection of associated Auxiliaries like Accessory & Load gearboxes


       Technical Advisory Services for Installation & Commissioning of Gas turbine control systems (Mark-IV, Mark-V, Mark-VI and Mark-VIe) Emergency Trouble-shooting services on Annual Maintenance Contract or on Call Basis                                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Technical Support for Installation & Commissioning of Speedtronic control system (Mark-IV, Mark-V, Mark-VI & Mark-VIe)            
  • Trouble-shooting: Operation & Maintenance issues and startup troubles           
  • Speedtronic Mark-IV, Mark-V, Mark-VI & Mark-VIe Controls system Tuning & Calibration  
  • Calibration of IGV, GCV, SRV & LFBV          
  • Sequencing Modification to Speedtronic Control systems        
  • Trouble-shooting of C&I issues
                   MK VI V         


    Speedtronic Control System Spares

We have entered into a business tie-up with GTC, USA by wich we can supply Spares for entire range of Speedtronic controls Viz. Mark I, Mark II, Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI and Mark VIe.

We also undertake refurbishment and testing of of all GE speedtronic cards for Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI and Mark VIe.

We provide warranty for all our new supplies and repairs

Another good news to those who upgarde their control systems, is that we will help you in buying back your old systems..

                                                                                                   img mk5     

Spares for MK IV, MKV, MK VI and MK VIe 


Img FlameDetectors

  Reutor Stokes Silicon Carbide Phto Diode type

(Replacement for Honeywel) 



                  Img TMOS

   Retrofit for GE HMI with TMOS          

    Re-Erection and Re-location Services

Besides Inspection and Trouble-shooting Services KIES also provides Re-erection and Re-location of used Gas Turbines from one location to the other. In the process, we take care of Re-engineering of various systems customizing to the new location and new operational requirement / conditions. We provide complete support that includes - Re-Engineering, Erection under Technical supervision of experienced Engineers, commissioning of the unit and continued support for further Operation and Maintenance of the unit under Long Term Service Agreements.

We also provide complete support for Erection and commissioning of Generator, LT & HT Switchgear, Transformers and all the associated electrical systems.