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Gas Turbine Auxiliaries

While it is essential to maintain the main equipment in good operating condition, maintaining the auxiliaries becomes vital as these auxiliaries are the support systems of main equipment and any trouble or breakdown of these petty equipment can cause breakdown of main equipment and reduce drastically the reliability of Gas turbine itself. Thus periodic inspection of these auxiliaries also becomes essential along with main equipment.

KIES's profile of Field Engineering services include:

    Inspection and overhauling of Accessory Gearbox

  •   Backlash and Contact pattern checks of gears
  •    Inspection of bearings
  •    Inspection of Main Oil Pump (MOP) gears
  •    Inspection of Quill shafts and Bowex coupling
  •    Inspection of associated auxiliaries like
    •         Main Hydraulic Oil Pump (MHOP)
    •         Main Lube Oil Pump (MOP)
    •         HP Fuel Pump & Fuel Clutch
    •         Atomizing Air compressor
    •         Cooling water pump (if existing)
    •         Jaw Clutch
    •         Over Speed bolt (if existing) - New machines do not have OS Bolt
           img agb           

    Inspection and Overhauling of Load Gearbox (Not applicable for Fr-7 & Fr-9) machines

                    Img LGB        
  •    Backlash checks on Bull & Pinion gears                            
  •    Gear pattern and contact check on Bull and Pinion gears                    
  •    Dye Penetrant check for cracks on gear teeth
  •    Inspection of bearings
  •    Gear Contact check
  •    Check Oil jet to Gears

Spares for Accessory and Load Gear Boxes

    We can source all the spares required for Accessory and Load Gearboxes